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A Latin American Food Festival Is Coming To Montreal At The End Of The Summer

A night full of music and ultimate deliciousness.
A Latin American Food Festival Is Coming To Montreal At The End Of The Summer

No one wants to say it, but it's actually happening, summer is coming to a close. Time to soak up all the sun you can get because winter in Montreal can leave you confined indoors for quite some time. One summer favourite that's going to be missed dearly is the incredible and bountiful food festivals we have each year.

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Luckily, there's still a month of summer left, and many more festivals within the next weeks to keep you satisfied right up until next year's sunny season. But there's one food festival in particular coming up that'll be ending the summer and welcoming the new season in the most over-the-top way ever. 

That festival is Fête des Amériques, also known as the Festival of the Americas. This event is very popularly known for, you guessed it, the most fantastic Latin-American dishes you'll ever try. 15 countries will be participating in providing festival-goers with a variety of traditional dishes. I'm talking savoury tacos, hot tamales, salsas from different regions and much more. 

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That's not all this amazing festival of culture offers. Traditional artists from Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean will represent popular music from their country, while you'll also have the opportunity to visit multiple booths to learn more about the cultures presented as well as purchase artisan crafts and keepsakes. It'll definitely be a night full of dancing and cultural celebration.

You can experience Fête des Amériques from September 7 to 9 starting at 1PM in Montreal's Old Port. For more information on the festival and it's vendors, click HERE.

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