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A List Of 250 Montreal Companies That Want To Hire You Right Now

Over 4000 jobs are available to you.
A List Of 250 Montreal Companies That Want To Hire You Right Now

Food trucks get all the attention around here, but if you're really looking for a useful truck, you should be on the lookout for a big orange truck.

But this isn't just any truck, this is a custom designed "work bus" on mission to find you a job.

Montrealers aged 16 to 35 looking for work, can hop on this mobile job market and take advantage of all their FREE job services.

They offer CV workshops, personalized advice, and even consultations; Everything you need to find the perfect job. If that wasn't enough, they will also provide you with a database of employers currently hiring.

This year, the bus features jobs from over 250 Montreal companies, such as Piknic Électronik and CAA-Québec, and they hope to find jobs for at least 4,000 individuals.

The Roulo-Boulo bus will be on the street four days a week until mid-October.

For the first 3 days, the trucks will be parked around the downtown core in these areas:

  • The McCord Museum
  • Beaudry Metro
  • Guy Metro
  • Saint-Laurent Metro
  • Place Pasteur
  • Sainte Catherine and McGill College.

One the 4th day, the trucks will make their way through Montreal's neighborhoods to reach even more people.

If that still isn't enough, you can also download their app, which will allow you to create a profile and receive alerts when you get a new job match, as well as tell you exactly where the Roulo-Boulo trucks are located at any time.

If you want to know where they will be, just check out their website here.

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