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A List Of English Words The Quebec Language Police Don't Want You To Use

These words don't even exist in French.
A List Of English Words The Quebec Language Police Don't Want You To Use

When you're compiling a list of English words the OQLF doesn't want you to use, the process is simple.

It's all of them.

But I'm talking about some specific words here. These are the words that simply don't exist in French, so the only way to efficiently get your point across is to borrow words from the English language.

However, the OQLF isn't just going to stand idly by and let people use English words, they have to teach people how to say the word in French.

However, since these words don't actually exist in French, the OQLF had to invent alternate translations.

So follow this simple guide and you'll never need to use an English word ever again.

Air guitar

Air guitar translates to "Guitare Imaginaire" which means an imaginary guitar . But "Air Guitar" means playing music with an imaginary guitar.

OQLF alternative: "Musique jouée à l’aide d’un instrument imaginaire."

Best Seller

"Meilleur Vendeur" means "Best Salesman". But "Best Seller" means a book or other product that sells in very large numbers.

OQLF alternative:"Livre-culte" / "Livre-phare"


According to the OQLF, a BlackBerry is more than just a phone or a mobile device so they figured there was only one logical alternative to this word.

OQLF alternative: "Modèle de terminal de poche commercialisé sous le nom de BlackBerry." (Seriously...)


A blooper in't just a screw up, it's a screw up related to filming TV shows and movies.

OQLF alternative: "Bêtisiers" / "Gaffe de tournage"


I personally have never heard a French person use this word, but I guess it happens since the OQLF addressed it.

OQLF alternative: "Habitat participatif"

Crystal Meth

Since Breaking Bad was so popular, the OQLF was forced to find an alternative word for the voice dubbing.

OQLF alternative: "Méthamphétamine en cristaux"

Feel-Good Movie

Since this expression gets used in movie previews all the time. It was only a matter of time until someone translated it.

OQLF alternative: Initially the word was "Cinéma Velour" (sounds fancy) but they updated it to "Cinéma Pur Bonheur". (sounds porno-y)


A fixer is a person native to a specific country who acts as a guide for journalists.

OQLF alternative: "Guide-interprète" / "Accompagnateur."


I figured they would call it something like "Tague de hashish". I was disappointed.

OQLF alternative: "Mot-clic"

Hidden Agenda

Since they don't want it to mean an actual schedule you stash somewhere, they needed a proper alternative.

OQLF alternative: "Intentions inavouées"

Home Staging

We need this words, especially with all the renovation and home flipping shows on television.

OQLF alternative: "Valorisation résidentielle"


If you ever listened to the Hockey Games in French on RDS then you've heard this word hundreds of times.

OQLF alternative: "Avoir le vent en poupe" (You have to be kidding me)


As in hackers "Phishing" for passwords. It'll probably be something like "La peche au mot de passes"

OQLF alternative: "Hameçonnage"


It's a show that is broadcast on your mobile device, so there's only one logical translation.

OQLF alternative: "Baladodiffusion"

Post Mortem

Apparently Latin is too English for the OQLF and they won't stand for it.

OQLF alternative: "Analyse rétrospective"


Then again, I don't even know what the French version of "Sequel" is.

OQLF alternative: "Antépisode"


A legal acronym that stands for: "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation."

OQLF alternative:"Poursuite-bâillon"


Since a snowbird is a person who vacations to avoid winter, they figured the French translation should mean "Winter-ers".

OQLF alternative: "Hivernants"

Spin Doctor

As you guessed, it has nothing to do with doctors or spinning. Challenge accepted.

OQLF alternative: "Façonneur d'image"

Think Tank

Please tell me they don't call this: "Vehicule d'assault penseur"

OQLF alternative:"Laboratoire d'idées" / "Groupe de réflexion."

Flash Mob / Vote Mob

It's about time this was translated. Especially now that no ones cares about Flashmobs anymore.

OQLF alternative: "manifestation éclair"

War Room

As in political campaigns, not actual wars.

OQLF alternative: "Centre nerveux des opérations" / "Centre névralgique" / "Cellule de crise"

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