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A List Of Hollywood Celebrities That Will Be In Montreal This Summer

A star-studded season in the city.
A List Of Hollywood Celebrities That Will Be In Montreal This Summer

Summer's warm weather doesn't just bring tourists to the City of Montreal, some of Hollywood's finest are also brought to our metropolis to shoot the latest films. Celebrities coming to Montreal in the summer is an annual occurrence, and this year will be no different.

With X-Men: Apocalypse and Bad Santa 2 just wrapping up, Montreal is losing a fair share of stars as we move into the summer season, but that doesn't mean we'll be left without any celebrities. A few productions are already slated to be filmed in Montreal in summer 2016, with more on the way.

Unfortunately, the list of movies and TV shows set to film in Montreal this summer is a little sparse at the moment. Like, really sparse, but that shouldn't make you think Hollywood has put a ban on Montreal or something, because most movies aren't confirmed to film in the city for another month or so.

But because we like to get a jump on things, and ensure you're prepared to stalk your favourite celebs, we're starting out the list right now. You can rest assured that we'll be updating the list as more movies are brought to Montreal to film.

Here's who we have so far:

- Woody Harrelson

- Naomi Watts

- Brie Larson

  • All three are set to appear in The Glass Castle which will film in the city this summer

- Garrett Hedlund

    • Attached to play a role in the upcoming TV adaption of The Alienist, unconfirmed.

Stay tuned, we will be updating this list with more to come soon...

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