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Sexy V-Day Gifts Guaranteed To Satisfy Your Lover

Out-of-the-box ideas for him & her.
Sexy V-Day Gifts Guaranteed To Satisfy Your Lover

If February is good for one thing, it's that it's short. Okay fine, there's also that Day of Love thing, though let's face it, Valentine's Day is largely overrated. Not that the concept behind celebrating your adoration for your partner isn't righteous or anything, just flowers and candy have become so unoriginal. If you really want to show how much you care, then offer the romantic gift of pleasure.

Whether you’re in couple or single, V-Day is the perfect opportunity to give your partner (or yourself, no judgement) something sexy. Shake up the routine a bit or simply step up your solo fun with these 10 sexy gift ideas!

1. Valentine’s Day Bundles

To make your Valentine’s Day truly memorable, Montreal's Boutique Séduction offers creative gift bundles loaded with its best selling products. Massage oils, vibrators, stimulating creams, blindfolds, there is something for everyone! Grab one of these pre-made bundles and get 20% off the total value.

2. Lena by Adore U

This vibrator is the perfect accessory to maximize female delight with not one, but two motors! One for the clitoris and the other for the G spot. Its curved shape makes Lena one of the most appreciated toys out there, or in there, as the case may be.

3. Fontaine de Jouvence

A clitoral stimulator unlike any other! The Fontaine de Jouvence will curl your toes and rock your world. This new and innovative toy delivers sensations she won't soon forget. Towel not included.

4. Nina by Adore U Glam

Powerful, yet considerate, this vibrator is the ultimate sexy accessory. It has 7 different vibrating modes, it's rechargeable, and is guaranteed for one year. Best part, it's also completely submersible. What a great idea! Romantic bathtime will never be the same...

5. Nova by We Vibe

This vibrator combines deep G-spot pleasure with tingly clitoral stimulation. Its unique design flexes with movement to stay in contact with the clitoris throughout, and comfortably fitting every woman. Nova also comes with a its own free smartphone app to put you in control of your partner's vibrations from anywhere the world! Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

6. Adorable Massage lotion

These sensual massage lotions for the body actually contain no oils so you're not left all greasy when you're done. Pour a few drops in your palm, gently rub your hands together to warm up, start the body massage, and hopefully enjoy your very own happy ending!

7. ID Glide

One of the most popular lubricants of all time thanks to its unbeatably smooth and silky texture. Perfect for that...umm...friction you feel between each other!

8. 3- in-1 candles by Earthly Body

With 3 different functions, this is no ordinary candle. Fill the room with soothing fragrance, create an atmosphere of pure relaxation, and then use it as a massage oil (once lit, the candle transforms into a pleasantly moisturizing and edible massage oil). Earthly Body manufactures all its products with hemp seed oil and natural ingredients, without any mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, phthalates or parabens, for all you natural lovers.

9. Tender Torture by Miss Morgan

Miss Morgan is the BDSM brand par excellence for all those who enjoy a little pain with their pleasure. The Tender Torture kit contains hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, a mask, a laces whip, and a gag ball; everything you need to shake things up and discover new sensations. You can really get creative with this gift!

10. Bipromax

Maximum performance, Bipromax is designed from 100% natural ingredients that help strengthen your physical abilities and reveal the true force of your power. Bipromax doesn’t require a medical prescription and has no side effects. Trust us, she'll love it just as much as him.

Check out Boutique Séduction's website and Facebook Page for even more sexy items!