A List Of How Much Money Olympic Athletes Get When They Win A Gold Medal

Olympic athletes may receive a bit of glory during the Olympics, but unless you're a household name like Michael Phelps or you appear on your own Wheaties box, not many people will remember who you are once the games are over.

But at least it's not so bad. Professional athletes are known to make a ton of money right?


You're thinking of athletes who play professional sports, North American athletes however are notoriously poor.

Many of them can't hold full time jobs because they are too busy training and they can only get government support if they win competitions or gold medals.

So, let's say you're an Olympic athlete, you just spent the last 4 years training and now, you just won a gold medal for your country. You may think you're in for a huge payday.

Well if you're lucky enough to live in Singapore, you'd be looking at a $750,000 payday.

But if you live in Canada you'll be getting a measly $15,000.

That's according to the latest estimate made by statista.

All of a sudden, living in Kazakhstan seems a lot more appealing.

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