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A List Of Items That Will Be More Expensive In Canada Because Of Trump

The worst trade wars in decades.
A List Of Items That Will Be More Expensive In Canada Because Of Trump

If you follow some of the U.S. president's antics in the news, I'm sure you've been reading about the coming trade wars between Canada and the U.S., and how Trump's America wants to impose tariffs on steel, aluminum and a slew of other products. 

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Trudeau and Trump have been going back and forth on negotiations regarding the coming tariffs on steel and aluminum. In fact, Trudeau has been "playing nice" with Trump for the majority of his term as Canada's Prime Minister. 

All of that changed last night when Trudeau essentially declared war on American products. 

In fact, this could end up being the worst trade war since World War II. 

Strongly arguing against the imposition by the America of additional 25% tariffs on Canadian steel and 10% with respect to aluminum (of which 90% of Canadian production comes from Quebec), Trudeau made his thoughts on the matter clear. This is just a short time after Trudeau approved the purchase of a $4.5B pipeline. 

Trump's reasoning for this has been labeled a matter of national security, which Trudeau deemed totally unacceptable that Canada could be considered a security threat to the United States. I mean, we've fought along their side for years. 

Side note - I love the way Trudeau over-enunciates the word "about." 

Canada is imposing dollar-for-dollar tariffs on every dollar levied against Canadians by the United States, and will remain in place until the U.S. eliminates its trade restrictive measures against Canada.

Justin Trudeau released a list of products that will see an additional 10% tariff for U.S. export as of July 1 in retaliation for Trump.'s decision.  These measures will take effect unless the big orange douche changes his decision. He has about 24 hours to do so.   

This could affect consumers on both Canadian and U.S. side of the border, as steel is exported to the U.S., daily, and then turned into American products such as Apple computers, pop cans, or vehicles.

Most of the initial products made of steel - but there are plenty others that will be affected now as well! 

Here is a list of items that will soon be more expensive:

  • coffee
  • yogurt
  • pizza
  • ketchup
  • quiche
  • maple syrup
  • cucumbers
  • soup
  • mustard
  • mayonnaise
  • strawberry jam
  • orange juice
  • whiskey
  • toilet paper
  • mattresses 
  • kitchenware
  • tablecloths
  • home appliances (washing machines, refrigerators
  • plywood
  • pens
  • beer kegs
  • prepared beef
  • chocolate and other sugary confections
  • cars
  • laptops

Honestly, the list goes on and on - but I think you get the point. 

You can see the fully amended list of products included in Canada vs U.S. trade wars right here. 

Now, it's possible that I may be missing something here or misunderstanding, but I think I've got everything summed up for you.  

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