A List Of Justin's Worst And Most Offensive Outfits

Our prime minister is kind of a joke.
A List Of Justin's Worst And Most Offensive Outfits

Okay, so being Prime Minister, you get to visit a lot of different places. I completely understand the need to adopt different forms of traditional dress depending on where you go, but our man Trudeau sometimes takes it a little bit too far. 

In fact, he sometimes takes it so far that the internet has seen fit to make a joke out of him. It seems that each and every one of his political adventures tends to inspire a meme. 

The issue with Trudeau's wardrobe choices is that they often seem to overshadow his actual political purposes. It's hard to focus on anything besides his foolishness.

Justin Trudeau Dressed Up As Superman

Via Justin Trudeau

He starts off pretty tame with his costuming. Superman isn't so controversial. Halloween is an appropriate time. The problem is, it doesn't stop there.

Trudeau Dressing Up In Indian Attire 


Trudeau Dresses Up As A Cowboy

Via Justin Trudeau

Somehow, Trudeau also thinks he's a cowboy cook! Serving up pancakes at the Calgary Stampede is also higher on his to-do than politics. Apparently a "special guest", he gave the people what they wanted. People pretty much expect him to show up in costume.

Trudeau Dresses Up As A Cowboy Again

Via Justin Trudeau

Come on, Justin. Enough is enough.

Trudeau Dresses Up As Hitler

@fack_trudeauembedded via

Okay, so he wasn't really supposed to be Hitler. In 2007, he was in a movie called The Great War, in which he played Talbot Papineau. Unfortunately, every time someone comes across this photo online the assume he was dressed as Hitler.

Via me.me

Trudeau Dresses Up As A Pirate

Via Justin Trudeau

And, once again, Trudeau is back with the crazy hats. It's almost impossible to give this guy a chance. He's basically asking to be made fun of. I mean, it's definitely not what representing a country is all about, but at least we can get a few laughs out of him, I mean it.

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