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A List Of 'Ladies Only' Nights In Montreal

Girls, get excited!
A List Of 'Ladies Only' Nights In Montreal

I love ladies' nights! And I'm quite certain that a lot of Montreal girls share my appreciation for this phenomenon as well. That's why I figured that creating a list of things to do on your next "ladies only" night in town would be really fun. Without further ado, I present to you with exciting "ladies only" activities in Montreal.

Attend a ladies night

There are a lot of Montreal restaurants and bars that host ladies nights, where you get to eat, drink and party for free. I'm not even joking, it's a thing. If you've never heard of ladies nights before, check out this post and get with the program, girl.

Host a Sex Toy Party

This sex toy bonanza will fill any girls' night with giggles. Companies like Sensual Sizzles send a representative over to your house with an arsenal full of sex toys you haven't even heard of before. They show you how things work in the world of "forbidden fruits" and, if you happen to particularly like a certain product, you can actually purchase it by the end of the evening. Spice up your life, ladies!

Photo cred - fitandfeminist

Take a Pole Dancing Class

Why not step out of your comfort zone and take a pole dancing class with your girlfriends? It's way harder than you think. Pole dance is actually a great workout. And, no, taking a pole dancing class does not make you a slut. Check out this site for inspiration.

Work out together

Take a ladies-only workout class at a Montreal fitness studio, like MissFit, for example. Personally, I prefer female-only classes because they're less distracting. I suggest you hit a bootcamp class with your girls! Because girls who sweat together, stick together.

Get your make-up done by professionals

Have a makeup artist come over and transform you and your girls into contour and highlight princesses! Not sure who to call? Here's a list of amazing Montreal make-up artists you might want to look into.

Take a 50 Shades Of Seduction Class

If you and your girlfriends are a little more daring and adventurous, why not go for an educational night of BDSM à la 50 Shades Of Grey. Don't know what BDSM means? Then this class is for you.

Hire a Personal Shopper

Get a personal shopper for your ultimate girls night shopping experience. Have a professional stylist help you pick an outfit and make you look like a celebrity. You will be surprised how helpful they can be!

Photo cred - busblog

Attend a Ladies Pinball night

North Star Pinball hosts tournament nights where ladies are invited to come and play in practice season with Ball Bustin' Bitches (get it???). It's an all-new arcade and pinball bar in Montreal that sounds like a hell lot of fun.

Boss Girl Convention

It's actually a full day of fun activities, speeches and exercises for women who want to start their own business, be a better leader or get inspired with other women's success stories.

Male Strip Club

Visit 281 for guaranteed fun times! Honestly, if you've never been to a male strip club, you've got to go at least once in your life just to cross it off your bucket list. There are very good chances that you'll actually enjoy the show. The atmosphere is very vibrant, loud and exciting.

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