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A List Of Montreal Power Couples Under 30 Years Old

Couples who hustle together, stay together.
A List Of Montreal Power Couples Under 30 Years Old

Montreal's got a thing for beautiful people, great food and partying.

But what we love even more, is when couples are able to do all three - while staying together. #couplegoals

Here's the list of Montreal's Power Couples who BOTH hustle, and are killing it in the game.

Eran Elfassy and Cash Miligan

Eran is the head behind Mackage, while his foxy other half is a business major.

Isik Mayer and Elle Fox

Isik is a diamond wholesaler specializing in engagement rings, and his fiancé is Graduating in Child Studies while also running a student program full time (the wedding is in June!).

Kris Akavian and Katherine Garbarino

Newlyweds Kris and Kat are the ultimate power couple. Kris is a business entrepreneur while Kat is the head of a fashion company.

David and Samara Dayan

David is the Owner of luxury car dealers around Europe, while Samara has a Biochemistry degree and completing an Accounting degree. Talk about #goals.

photo cred - Jessica Schroeder

 Moe Bennis and Jessica Schroeder

Moe is an International Business Advisor while Jessica is a real estate broker with Sotheby's International Realty.

photo cred - Stefania Luca

Marco Foti and Stefania Luca

Marco is a pilot in training, and his other half Stefania is a corporate Paralegal. They are so hot it hurts.

Christopher Saunders and Annie Deir

Christopher is an International Entrepreneur leading sustainable green technologies, while Annie is a broadcast journalist/TV Host for Bell Canada.

photo red - @kate_lalic

Jack Lafortune and Kate Lalic

Kate is a famous writer and blogger at KateLalic while her husband-to-be is a successful businessman.

Jason Novak and Tovah Azoulay

Jason is a famous lawyer who appeared on MATV, and his better half Tovah is a Community Manager at a Pharma company.

photo cred - Luciana Lima

Brahms Yaiche and Luciana Lima

Okay, he's a bit over 30... but we couldn't resist. Brahms is part owner at Harlow, while his other half is completing a Masters in Criminology. The party never stops with these two.

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