A List Of Some Of The Most Dangerous Buildings In Montreal

We're not saying don't go in here, but...
A List Of Some Of The Most Dangerous Buildings In Montreal

When you're walking into a building, no matter the kind, you aren't really thinking about the adverse health effects that may be a resultant. I mean, you're just going into a building, what could possibly harm your health?

Asbestos would be the answer to that question, a now-defunct building material that was put out of use due to the health hazards that could come about if the material were to come into contact with occupants.

And in Montreal, more than a few buildings contain asbestos, and they're government-owned buildings, no less. In an interactive map created by CBC, which acts as a "national inventory of federal buildings containing asbestos," more than a few buildings with asbestos were found in Montreal.

Note, however, that while asbestos has been known to cause lung cancer and other diseases, the substance isn't necessarily dangerous. It's only when asbestos fibers come into contact with air (like during renovations or repairs) does the substance become dangerous.

So, if you happen to head into one of the following buildings, don't think you'll automatically be exposed to harmful asbestos. But regardless, the fact that numerous government-owned buildings contain this substance, one known to be harmful, isn't exactly comforting.

There is also a very strong possibility that many other structures in Montreal also contain asbestos, as the substance was widely used in the 1970s-1980s. Unfortunately, there isn't exactly a directory for that kind of information, so we'll have to hope the buildings we inhabit aren't asbestos-laden.

To check out the Canada-wide map of federal buildings containing asbestos, head here. Check out the buildings located in Montreal below.

Hochelaga Community Correctional Centre

  • 6905 Hochelaga St

Sherbrooke Community Correctional Centre

  • 2190 Sherbrooke St

Martineau Community Correctional Centre

  • 10345 St-Laurent Blvd

Ogylvie Community Correctional Centre

  • 435 Ogilvy St

National Film Board of Canada

  • 3155 Cote-de-Liesse

NRC facility

  • 6100 Royalmount Ave.

Secrétariat du Conseil du Trésor du Canada

  • 655 Montee-de-Liesse

Montréal Tax Services Office

  • 305 René Lévesque

Complexe Guy Favreau

  • 200 Rene Levesque

Edifice federal

  • 715 Peel

Canadian Forces Recruiting Center

  • 1420 Ste-Catherine

Edifice Des Douanes

  • 400 Youville

Edifice federal

  • 105 McGill

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