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A List Of The Dumbest Reasons Why People Have Been Kicked Out Of Clubs In Montreal

Oh yes, it has happened to all us at least once in our life. We have all been rejected or kicked out of one of Montreal's clubs.

Montreal has a great night-life ambiance but lets be real... some times when you are hitting up a particular club for someone's birthday, you often find you and your group club hopping in Montreal because you can't get in.

Half the time when people get kicked out, its for the dumbest reasons. Well here are a few of the weirdest stories that all Montrealers can relate too.

Kicked Out Because Of Yeezys

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St-Laurent street keeps you and your Yeezys freezing outside. Don't try to get into some of Montreal's clubs on St-Laurent street wearing Yeezys because you will find yourself partying alone with you $800 shoes.

Just a few months ago, a fellow tried to enter one of Montreal's most popular clubs when the bouncer stopped him and said "nah bro, you aren't coming in with those shoes". He was wearing Yeezys... The two guys then got into a heated argument! He was yelling that his shoes were worth almost $1000 dollars but the bouncer didn't seem to care.

This didn't make any sense since the bouncer let multiple people after Mr. Yeezy enter the club in simple black converse. The bouncer then stated " I don't care how much they are worth. All I know is that you aren't Kanye so you aren't coming in".

Mr. Yeezy was left outside in the cold for wearing really expensive shoes... Now that's dumb.

Kicked Out Because Of Bandannas

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Before you go out this summer on St-Laurent street don't forget to leave your bandannas at home! Don't be wearing one and definitely don't have one in your pocket... It may look like you are hiding something.

Well this story also involves a young man who was going out with his friends at one of Montreal's local clubs. The typical frisk and check ended a little different for this poor Montrealer... As the security guard checked the guy's pockets... He whipped out a red bandanna. Well... We all know the significance of red and blue bandannas... So this was a big no no for a night club.

The security guard got really pissed and instead of simply taking the bandanna, he kicked the guy our completely! The guy protested that he wasn't in a gang but the security guard just said "get the hell out".

Kicked Out For Not Buying A Bottle

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When you and your friends randomly decide to go out one night you will almost automatically hit up St-Laurent street. But sometimes you find yourselves in the old port. Well that's not always a good idea...

Most clubs allow people to come in without guest-list or bottle service reservations especially if you're a small group. Well don't let that fool you.

Once you get into some of Montreal's clubs, the pressure is on. The bartenders start pressuring you to buy bottles but when you are three people on a budget looking for a good time that's not an option. So instead of letting you party in peace, based on personal experience, they will just kick you out!

It's totally not cool! Plus you are still provided them service and money by buying drinks even if it's not a bottle.

So be prepared and come with some massive cash flow because they will let you in but they won't always let you stay in.

Kicked Out Because For "Bad" Attitude In Line

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This has to be the most annoying thing ever when you are trying to go out in Montreal... The famous line switcheroo. This is one of Montreal's night clubs personal favourites that happens very often. Some of Montreal's clubs, I'm sure you can guess which, use velvet ropes to designate where the line should be. But half the time they don't even use it.

So, as you and your friends are waiting very impatiently in line, the bouncers magically decide to switch sides of the line. Instead you find yourselves not even in a line but a bundle of people. Then, they start to push you back into the velvet ropes line. It makes no sense!

After waiting 20 minutes you decide to take matters into your own hands and go straight to the bouncer who then rejects you and your friends for your bad attitude. A common situation that all Montrealer's understand.

Kicked Out Because They Didn't Fit The "Look"

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The typical excuse of almost every club... You don't fit the look. Well what does that mean? It means that you are either dressed to casual, "trashy", or the bouncer has no respect since beauty is in everyone. Well, here's something you probably never heard of before.

You would think that once you are in one of Montreal's clubs that you are in the clear but... think again. A group of girls went to one of the more formal clubs on St-Laurent and got in no problem since they "fit the look". But after 1 am hit, they all got kicked out and of course for a dumb reason.

All girls know the struggle of trying to keep nylons intact all night without a hole.. It's close to impossible! Well, I bet that you would never think that you'd get kicked out for having a hole in them.

According to three party girls, they were kicked out of a club for having holes in their nylons that occurred inside the club! The owner stated that it was "trashy" so they were escorted out. Personally, I would have just ripped them off and asked if there was still a problem.

Kicked Out For Not "Understanding"

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Now this is actually a dumb reason on all levels. I've never had to watch my level of intelligence when conversing with other people in clubs but I guess I should after hearing this story.

When a guy was simply flirting with one of the bartenders in one of the clubs in Old Montreal, he didn't expect this to happen. They were speaking on what they were studying in school when he got mixed up with his words and mistakenly said that psychology was the study of of stars... (actually astronomy).

He was clearly drunk but the bartender got so turned off and offended that she thought he was a major failure. Instead of turning him down, she called the security guards and they kicked him out!

I guess that next time you should bring your transcript to prove that you actually are intelligent...

Kicked Out For Fake Birthdays

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If you are going to lie about your birthday, don't do it in Montreal! This group of friends got caught and well... Let's say thank god it wasn't their birthday because getting kicked out isn't necessarily fun.

This group of friends claimed that it was two of their friends birthdays. They made bottle reservations and everything. The bouncers let them go through and the friends thought that they were in. But that's not exactly how it went.

In an attempt to get a free bottle of champagne, the friends said that it was their birthday! It backfired instantly when they were asked to show their ID's... The friends thought nothing of it since they were still bringing them business but they were kicked out!

So don't lie about your birthday in Montreal, because who knows soon you might get tickets for it.

Kicked Out For "Not" Dancing On The Pole

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Well now this is just dumb and objectifies women in all ways. A local Montreal Club on St-Laurent street kicked out a group of girls for "not dancing on the pole". This has to be one of the dumbest and most disturbing reasons to kick girls out of a club.

They were apparently only let in the club to dance around on a pole and to attract more people giving the club more business. But those girls didn't sign up for that and as a result, they were kicked out!

I know I won't be doing to that club any more.

Kicked Out For Not Being The "Right" Height

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This a personal story of a 5 feet 2 inches girl who attempted to get into one of Montreal's Djing clubs. I went with 3 of my friends and we were all wearing running shoes. When we gave the bounce our IDs, he asked me for a second one. I gladly gave it to him when he said "sorry but no".

Um what? I was so confused! He said that it was impossible that I was 157.48 cm. Well 157.48 cm is 5 feet 2 inches but the bouncer must have been brain dead. He though that my ID said 5 feet 11 inches! He wouldn't let me argue with him so I left out of pure frustration.

Next time I'll be sure to bring my calculator... Montreal really needs to make sure that their bouncers are at least somewhat intelligent.

Kicked Out For Being A Sausage Fest

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We all know that clubs in Montreal tend to let the girls in before the guys but once again, you would think that when you get into a club, you are in and ready to party.

Yet again, we find that Montreal seems to break the social norms by kicking guys out once they are already in a club claiming that they "need more girls". Well this group of 5 guys were pulled out of the club while the security let their girlfriends stay. The guys decided that this was discrimination and it clearly is. So lets free the stigma of a "sausage fest".

Kicked Out For Eating A Burrito

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Everyone knows that happy moment after a great night out when you get some $2 noodles or McDonald's. Well some clubs themselves offer a snack towards closing time. Also based on personal experience, when I went to a supper club, they handed us burritos. I thought it was such a great idea until I slowly realized its down fall.

I was handed a burrito when I was outside the front of the club and they refused to let my friends and I back in! They said "no food" but it didn't make sense since they gave us the burritos and out jackets were still inside. There was no where to throw them out and we aren't about that littering scene. Instead, we managed to sneak back in with our burritos when the bouncer snatched them away and then kicked us out.

It was so dumb since they were the ones who gave us the burritos and said we could go back in to get our things! It made absolutely no sense. Then again, after reading these stories, we can see that a majority of Montreal clubs don't make sense and will reject or kick you out for the dumbest reason. We really need to re-evaluate club standards.

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