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A List Of The Most Dangerous Places To Drive In Canada

Thinking about Canada and Canadians does not usually conjure up images of angry, reckless and, chaotic driving.

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On the contrary, we Canadians get boxed into a people-pleasing and incessantly agreeable stereotype.  You can just picture a scenario with two Canadians driving their cars and arriving at an intersection. But neither of them is moving forward because they are both waiting for the other person to go first. Classic.

But sadly, reality is not a stereotype. And Canadians can be terrible drivers at times. You can clearly see evidence of that with the videos I've posted about massive road accidents in recent past. Also, there are good old reliable number to back this up.

Via macleans

If you can believe it according to Transport Canada statistics Saskatchewan has the highest road fatality rates of all the provinces.  Yes - quite, low-key, Saskatchewan has a serious road fatality issue.

Over a five year period, Saskatchewan’s average traffic fatality rate was 13.2 people per 100,000 population.  That is more than double the national rate.

In a close second comes the Yukon Territories, then PEI, and Alberta. All provinces that come as much of a shock to me as they probably do to you. What comes as even more of a shock, our lovely province of Quebec is one of the SAFEST provinces, boasting lowest road fatality rates, right after Ontario. 

The government committees that deal with this issue are working hard on uncovering the underlying cause of such tragic road fatalities. They speculate that infrastructure issues that come with a low populated province where people commute long-distances on high-speed roads must be contributing to road deaths.

Saskatchewan is not taking this issue lightly and has set in motion several initiatives to crack down on the incidence of road accidents in the province, such as increasing the number of traffic officers on duty, license suspension for impaired driving, and harsher penalties for speeding. 

In the wake of the tragic Humboldt Broncos accident, these areincreasingly becoming very important questions the government must ask themselves.


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