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A List Of Things Montrealers Really Care About

Things we've learned from your 50,000 votes so far.
A List Of Things Montrealers Really Care About

Photo cred - Sue Holland

There are still three weeks left, but to give you an idea of how the 2014 MTL Awards are going, we thought we'd give you a little peek into the minds of Montrealers. Sifting through the current standings, we saw a few noticeable trends, which we've listed below. Of course, the MTL Awards are far from over, so if you think our findings are way off then go change the results yourself by voting. You have the power to prove us wrong, so do it, we love being wrong anyway. Let's also not forget the incentive of winning awesome prizes (a private kegger, unlimited grilled cheese, a Piknik pass) which you have a higher chance of getting the more you share and tweet after you vote. So go get on voting, winning, but first, see how Montreal has voted thus far.

The Big Three

In all of the MTL Awards, these three categories have (so far) been the most voted on. Obviously, Montrealers love to eat.

  • Best Poutine
  • Best Breakfast/Brunch
  • Best Smoked Meat

St. Laurent > Crescent

  • We did our best to even out the bars/clubs/lounges included in all the Nightlife categories between St. Laurent & Crescent streets, the two major party-strips of the city. Still, Montrealers voted for a majority of bars on St. Laurent, adding to the idea that Crescent is for tourists.

Poutine > Smoked Meat

  • It was a very close call, but by a whole 200 votes, it seems Montrealers care about poutine more than they do smoked meat. We'll just have a smoked meat poutine and share the love both ways.

Beer > Cocktails

  • Montreal's mixologists are topnotch, but it looks like Montrealers are most happy with pint in their hand rather than a cocktail. More love (about 400 votes) was shown to Montreal's Best Microbreweries then Best Mixed Drinks.

Being Vegan

  • Vegans should never feel alone in Montreal. Not only is the Best Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant one of the most voted on, all-vegan restaurants are currently forerunners in the category.

When It's Late And You're Hungry

  • Rather than be boring and get a simple pizza or burger, Montrealers prefer something with a little bit more cultural flair in their drunk food. Late night joints selling foods from cultures outside of North America are presently getting the most votes.

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