A Little Old Lady Is Lighting Fires And Trying To Burn Down Buildings In Montreal

A series of fires set the borough of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve ablaze last night, prompting an arson investigation by the Montreal police. 

Last night, police were told that an unnamed was lighting up trash cans along Sicard Street, reports CBC. 

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Incendiary devices, weapons/items specifically made to start fires, were found by police when they arrived at the scene. 

But the call-to-fire didn’t end there. When police were investigating the fires along Sicard Street, another call came in. 

An apartment building had been set afire. 

Not quite the entire building, rather, multiple fires were set in a single apartment unit, said a police investigator. 

No one was harmed in the apartment fire. 

Police now say that the trash can fires along Sicard and the apartment blaze could be connected. 

An arson, it seems, is afoot in Montreal. 

No witnesses have been reported and the Montreal police’s arson squad is currently carrying out an investigation.

Police are looking for a 68 year old woman they believe may be responsible for the fires. 

Parts of Sicard street were closed this morning so police could investigate.