A Look Inside Celine Dion's $9,000,000 Private Mansion

Where 'Quebec Royalty' lives.
A Look Inside Celine Dion's $9,000,000 Private Mansion

*Cover photo showcases Celine Dion's $25,000,000 Laval “Castle”

If you know anything about Celine Dion, then you know that she has a whole, wide array of gorgeous homes.

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There was the one in Florida, the one in Quebec, and recently, pictures from her beautiful Paris home have been unearthed.

According to The Daily Mail, Celine will be selling her five-bedroom Paris home (which includes a home theatre and a wine cellar) for a $9.3 million.

And, honestly, if it's anything like her gorgeous $25,000,000 mansion in Laval, then it's clear that this spot will be gorgeous.

A photo posted by Céline Dion (@celinedion) on

FYI, her house in Laval includes a dining room made of medieval style stone, oak everything, and a pool house - so you know she's got good taste.

To see exactly what her Paris home looks like, then check out this post on the Daily Mail.

View 10 photos of Celine Dion's $9,000,000 Private Mansion HERE

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It's a sad day for Céline Dion fans. The Quebecoise superstar has cancelled the rest of her Courage World Tour dates in North America due to an ongoing health issue. The singer previously cancelled shows in Las Vegas after she began suffering from "severe and persistent" muscle spasms that prevented her from performing.

In a January 15 statement, Céline said her recovery was taking longer than expected.

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It's no secret that Adele came to Quebec to film the music video for her recent single, "Easy On Me," at Sutton vineyard Domaine Dumont Chapelle Sainte-Agnès. The property is now on the market for just under $5.5 million for anyone who wants to live like an aristocrat.

Adele is known for choosing lavish sets for her music videos, and Domaine Dumont Chapelle Sainte-Agnès is no exception. The 173-acre property consists of the vineyard and six buildings, including the manor house built in 1846, a chapel, a guest house, and a literal castle with a reception hall. There are a total of 10 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms on the estate.

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Adele's been in the news lately for shooting a music video in the Eastern Townships with Quebec director Xavier Dolan. But, it turns out, her connection to la belle province runs even deeper, because the British singer-songwriter owns a framed piece of Céline Dion's chewed-up gum.

In an interview with Vogue, Adele showed off the chewed gum and even called it her "proudest possession."

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Céline Dion Just Cancelled Some Shows Due To 'Unforeseen Medical Symptoms'

"I'm especially sorry for disappointing all the fans who've been making their plans to come to Las Vegas."

In an October 19 tweet, Céline Dion announced that she would cancel performances at Las Vegas' Resorts World Theatre due to what the venue in a statement called "unforeseen medical symptoms."

Resorts World Theatre said the singer has been experiencing "severe and persistent" muscle spasms and is undergoing evaluation, but has been unable to participate in rehearsals.

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