A Look Inside The Coolest Office To Work At In Montreal (12 Photos)

A superhero lover's paradise.
A Look Inside The Coolest Office To Work At In Montreal (12 Photos)

Friends, every so often, a workspace appears in Montreal that gives you serious career goals.

Honestly, there's nothing on this earth quite like loving what you do. And a big part of loving what you do is loving who you do it with - and loving WHERE you do it.

Waking up every day and going in to a job that has an amazing company culture is basically the best thing you could do in life. And one Montreal company hits all these marks on the head, making it one seriously awesome place to work everyday: Arobas Personnel, an IT, finance recruitment and headhunting firm in downtown Montreal (they've been in operation since 2001, and they have many career opportunities - temporary and permanent - with a whole bunch of interesting companies).

First of all, Arobas' office is like a paradise for anyone and everyone who loves pop/geek culture (with a healthy dose of geekiness thrown in, of course!). They've got... well, they've got everything. Posters, statues, action figures, costumes - you want a fun, geeky work environment, you've got it. They share this passion to create connections with their candidates and clients, but also to create employee engagement. It's a great way to start a conversation and remember the company! Plus, their higher-ups - like Guy Adam, vice-president, and Alain De Moscovaki, president - are totally into the superhero vibe, too!

They even have a walking, talking, fully functioning R2D2 robot!

... Who sometimes even hangs out with Princess Leia.

Literally, no matter what your comic book preference is, you've got to appreciate the effort and sheer cool-factor of this downtown Montreal IT and finance recruiting firm.

Plus, the people working there sound just as awesome as the office space. Just to prove their commitment to geek culture? Whenever there's a new Marvel, Star Wars or DC movie out, the company organizes an outing for all their employees and their significant others.

And, last January, management treated all of their employees (and their families!) to a trip to Walt Disney World to celebrate New Year's. Why Disney? As a reward for achieving some pretty awesome objectives in 2017. Plus, Disney is basically the most magical place to be. The special effects? The technology? The straight-up magic? Yes please! When you think about it, it's literally the perfect place to find inspiration for great business practices.

Could you imagine working at a space that celebrates cool, fun geek culture AND sends you to Walt Disney World as a reward for all your teamwork during the year? I know. Amazing!

As if all of this wasn't already mindblowing, the Arobas downtown recruiting office offers their employees free breakfast, snacks, beer and coffee. Plus foosball tables, laser tag equipment and old-school arcade machines (including Pac-Man!) to help their employees unwind!

Plus, come on. It's cool AF:

Honestly, an awesome, cool space with an equally awesome and cool culture? Sounds amazing!

For more information on this super cool Montreal office, check out their Facebook, Instagram and website!