A Look Inside The Most Insane "Futuristic" $1,000,000 Quebec Mansion

Imagining what the future will look like can be really fun. But what's even more fun is laughing at the way people from the past thought the future would look like. 

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There were flying cars, but phones still had wires. TV's were as big as a wall, but they still weren't flat-screen and the displays were still in black and white. 

If you love that whole "Jetsons" vibe, I have great news, there is a mansion for sale in Quebec that perfectly embodies this kind of retro-futurism. 

It was build in 1975 by people who had pretty interesting vision of the future. 

Apparently the future involves a lot of stacked cubes, random toilets placed awfully close to beds, triangular shapes, weird wall angles and insane skylights. Take a look inside, it's quite fascinating. 

Check out Remax-Quebec to see the listing