A Lost Dog Walked For 20 Days & 200 Kilometers Through Quebec To Reunite With His Owner

In today's edition of "feel-good news" we're going to talk about Binou, a golden retriever who was separated from his owner after a car accident and found safe and sound 20 days later.

This story begins on July 3, when Binou's owner, a teacher in Nemaska, Quebec got in a car accident with Binou in the vehicle. What follows is a spectacular chain of events.

If you ever needed more proof that a dog is man's best friend, this is it.

According to the Journal de Montréal, the dog ran away when emergency first responders arrived at the scene, on a highway near Matagami. The owner was transported home, more than 400 km away from the scene of the accident.

A search launched for Binou, and many people spent days searching for the pet, who holds a dear place in his owner's heart.

After several days and many possible spottings, Binou had still not been found.

The dog in fact spent two weeks in the forest, miraculously surviving despite all odds. After aboout 100 km, he met another stray dog.

The two made their way to the Waswanipi community. Thanks to numerous posts made to various groups on Facebook, people were able to identify the dog and notify the owner.

Though Binou was visibly thinner, he was in overall pretty good shape for a pup who spent more than 20 days away from home.

These aren't tears, they're just allergies, ok? The Journal de Montréal reports that, after days of searching, the owner had lost almost all hope of ever finding her dog again.

The owner, Lauren, commented on the post above, thanking everyone for their help, stating, "this is the best day ever 😭❤️😭❤️😭thanks so much to everyone who looked, I can’t tell you how much it means to me."

Anyone who has a dog knows how heartbreaking it would be to lose your best friend. It's amazing to hear that the two were reunited.

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