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A Major Montreal Highway Will Be Shut Down This Week And Officials Are Telling People To Just Stay Home

Officials are warning everyone to avoid the roads.
A Major Montreal Highway Will Be Shut Down This Week And Officials Are Telling People To Just Stay Home

If you've been contemplating getting an OPUS pass for your travels, now is a better time than ever. Seriously, take the metro, walk, ride a bike, do anything but drive! You'll thank me later.

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TL;DR During the next two weekends major highways will be completely closed due to heavy construction. Officials are warning Montrealers to avoid the roads during the chaotic conditions. Details on the closures are below.

The reason is that Montreal is going to be hit with arguably the worst traffic ever seen. Construction projects in the city are set to close major highways over the next two weekends, meaning getting anywhere by automobile will be totally impossible.

Builders are urging all commuters to either take public transit over the weekend, or even better, not travel at all. 

Beginning this Saturday at 6PM, Highway 40 in both directions (including the service road) will be closed between highway 13 and St-Jean Blvd. Limited local traffic, including anyone who works in buildings on the service road or uses the hotels in the area, will be permitted. But other than that you'll be totally out of luck if you plan on driving this weekend.

The reason for the closures is the demolition of an old train bridge that passes over the highway. Route 40 will not repoen until Monday at 5AM.

Unfortunately for those who are brave enough to travel, there won't be any additional buses on the roads or any extra train departures added to the Vaudreuil-Hudson line.

Officials involved with REM construction are telling Montrealers to make this a family weekend spent at home, according to the Montreal Gazette.

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If you thought this was bad enough, it gets even worse next weekend. Massive closures between November 8 and 13 will cause so much city traffic you'll seriously reach your destination more quickly on foot.

Highway 20 westbound will be shut down from Ville-Marie to the Montreal West Interchange on November 8. The following evening, Highway 15 northbound will also be closed south of the Décarie Expressway.

Eastbound Highway 20 will be closed at Ville-Marie. But, thankfully, drivers will be allowed to pass southbound toward the Champlain Bridge.

All lanes will be reopened on Tuesday, November 13. Until then, Montreal is going to be the worst place for commuters in the entire province.

Hopefully you're lucky enough to not need to travel for the next two weeks and can avoid the bulk of the impending mess.

Stay tuned for more information. 


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