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A Man Has Died After A Conflict With Canadian Border Agents

Officials have launched an investigation.
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A Man Has Died After A Conflict With Canadian Border Agents

Border policies across North America are becoming more aggressive.

As the Trump administration brutally cracks down on illegal border crossings, Canada, too, contends with what many considered a 'border crisis.'

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As people seeking refuge illegally cross the border into Canada from the United States, some in Canada, particularly new Ontario premier Doug Ford, have emphasized a lack of available infrastructure to accomodate asylum applicants.

Fortunately, despite pressure to turn away people seeking help, Canada has remained steadfast in its support for the disadvantage and threatened.

But that doesn't mean that Canada still does not enforce a hard line when it comes to deporations.

That has become especially clear today after a man died as Canadian border agents attempted to force him from the country.

According to a report from the CBC, two agents were placing the man on a plane when he began to resist. After a conflict, the man clearly needed medical attention and died in a hospital shortly thereafter.

An investigation is ongoing but so far there have been no reports that any sort of violence is behind the man's death. It is possible he died from cardiac arrest brought on by extreme stress.

Whatever the cause of his death, the incident points to the difficult balance between the need to treat migrants humanely while also enforcing the law.

Deportations by plane have been the subject of much media attention recently. Last month, a Swedish woman was able to temporarily prevent the forced removal of a man by refusing to take a seat on her flight.

More information is likely forthcoming. Stay tuned. 

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