A Man Was Brutally Attacked By A Shark In Cape Cod

There had been shark sightings on the beach all summer long.

Living in the North, sharks probably aren't something you're actively concerned about when going to a beach. Sure, we have bears to worry about, but sharks? You'd think unlikely. As much as we'd like to think we're safe from sharks when we swim, you truly never know what could happen.

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This was the case for a man swimming off Cape Cod yesterday. While swimming in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean last evening, the man was attacked by a shark, leaving puncture wounds all over his torso and legs. He was then airlifted to a hospital to recieve emergency treatment for the attack.

This isn't the first shark attack off of Cape Cod, but it is the first one in over 5 years. In 2012 another man was attacked by a shark that left him with a bite that needed 47 stitches.

Luckily, when the man was taken to the hospital he was still in good shape considering what he had just been through. He was still fully conscious, so it is expected that the best outcome in this situation will happen. 

As of right now, police have refused to release any information about the man or where he's from. The town website says the beach is currently closed, and new signs are up all along the shore that say "Danger. No Swimming." It's incredibly likely that there won't be many beach days coming up for anyone in the near future.

Locals may not actually be surprised a shark attack occured, as the entire summer multiple shark sightings have been reported in the area, some even being the infamous Great White shark. Other beach-goers saw the man swimming really far out in the waters, essentially in an area that's pretty well known as a seal feeding ground.

So, it's pretty likely the shark had mistaken the man for a seal. Witnesses remember seeing quite a few seals in the area right before the attack, which could have led the shark to the area in the first place.

Thankfully, this situation didn't turn deadly. There is a ton of importance in keeping your eyes out when you're in the ocean, even when you don't think sharks are a threat. If you see seals in the nearby area, your best bet is to just spend some time sun-tanning rather than swimming.