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A Map Of All Montreal's Summer Construction Sites

Avoid these locations at all costs.
A Map Of All Montreal's Summer Construction Sites

Summer might as well be called construction season in Montreal, as the warm weather kicks the city's maintenance and construction projects into high gear.

A better built city is a good thing, but all the traffic woes caused by all those orange cones certainly isn't. To help you avoid all that construction-traffic, or at least be emotionally prepared, the City of Montreal released a handy map of all the construction zones going on in the city this summer.

Check it out here.

The city also outlined the summer's four major projects, aka places you should definitely avoid because they're gonna be building there for a while. Here are Montreal's major construction projects:

  • Pie-IX Boulevard, between Beaubien et Bélanger - water pipe and sewage system reconstruction
  • Henri-Bourassa-Pie-IX Intersection - reconstruction of highway, integrating new bus-only lanes
  • Repairs to Rosemont reservoir
  • McGill University Health Centre
  • Bonaventure Expressway Project - replacing part of Bonaventure running from Lachine Canal to Notre-Dame
  • Rue Bleury-Concorde Intersection - two new residential complexes going up behind Sherbrooke Street. Rue Concorde is often closed.

You can get all the info on each individual project at the Ville de Montreal construction webpage.

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