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A Map Of All Of Montreal's Winter Bike Paths

For all those intense enough to bike in the winter.
A Map Of All Of Montreal's Winter Bike Paths

Photo cred - ville de montreal

Certain Montrealers are truly brave, not giving any fucks and riding on their two-wheeled bikes throughout all of the winter season. Ice, slush, and frigid winds ain't no thang to these intense Montrealers, who get little to no help from anyone else when it comes to winter biking. This season, the City of Montreal is throwing winter bikers a bone, and have set up an official network of "four seasons" bike paths.

By "four seasons," the city basically means winter bike paths, as the only time you would even close a bike path would be in the snow-filled months we're currently in the midst of. Thankfully, a biking network comprised of over 260km (47% of all the bike paths) has been officially approved by the city.

Not only will these winter bike paths be kept open and available for all those brave enough to bike in winter to use, some will even be plowed regularly, like the Claire Morissette bike path along de Maisonneuve. You can check in all of the 4 Seasons winter bike paths locations and their current status by heading to the online map right here.

Get all the info on the 4 Seasons bike paths, and transportation in general, by heading the City of Montreal portal here.

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