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A Map Of All The Canadian Cities That Are Banning The Sale Of Marijuana

These places won't be setting up shop anytime soon.
A Map Of All The Canadian Cities That Are Banning The Sale Of Marijuana

We all know by now that marijuana is being legalized in Canada in just a few months, and while some of us may be impatiently anticipating the day you can go into an actual "weed grocery store" in the city, it turns out there's a lot of upset and rejection by some of the provinces as a whole.

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There are a few cities in particular that just won't have a game plan in time for the official release, while other cities are trying their best to completely ban the recreational drug, despite the fact that the country is making it legal.

The cities listed below have all refused to allow cannabis shops to open in their area and continue to strongly reject the legalization of the substance in Canada:

  • Markham, ON
  • Richmond Hill, ON
  • West Vancouver, BC
  • Tofino, BC
  • Richmond, BC
  • Abbotsford, BC
  • Pitt Meadows, BC
  • Whistler, BC

So, if you thought heading to British Columbia would be an amazing way to live out your stoner dreams, you may want to think again. The only way to obtain marijuana in the cities listed is to either order it online and have it delivered to your home, or to get ahold of it illegally (which you really don't want to do).

In Ontario, municipalities were given the choice of whether or not they wanted cannabis shops in their area. Although the official date of legalization is October 17 of this year, the retail stores in Ontario won't be open until April 2019.

It gets even more strict in British Columbia, as residents are so against the legalization of the substance that they've requested the right to control marijuana consumption within the borders of the province.

The fear for a lot of Canadian cities is that marijuana may be seen as a "gateway drug." Many cities are currently dealing with mass drug addiction and are wary of advertising the legalization and availability of a substance deemed incredibly taboo.

There is anger among the medical marijuana community as users seriously need easy access and stores within their city for health reasons. It's expected that this issue will end up causing most cities in the country to set up shop despite any initial reluctance. In the end, most cities are on board with the law and will be setting up shop by the end of the year.


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