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A Map Of All The Poutine Restaurants In Quebec

Find the closest spot to you.
A Map Of All The Poutine Restaurants In Quebec

Need to know where to get poutine, anywhere and EVERYWHERE in Quebec? Then do we have a map for you. has done God's work and mapped every major poutine joint in la belle province. There's the expected concentration of poutineries on the Montreal area of the map, but the map extends far out into Quebec and even into the Maritimes.

As of now, the map really only applies to Eastern Canada, but hopefully more updates and user additions will lead to a worldwide atlas of poutine. Know a place not listed? Inform the world and add a poutinerie to the map.

Who else is down for a province-wide (and beyond poutine) road trip?


How much do you love the poutine map?

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