A Map Of North America Showing You The Price Of Weed In Every Major City

Travelling across North America is always an interesting experience, if only from a consumer perspective. 

Pop into a dépanneur  in the southern United States (or, as they call them, corner stores) and you’ll be amazed at just how different the selection of goods can be in comparison to Quebec. 

More shocking will be the price of vice-related goods, like beer, liquor, and cigarettes. 

But that doesn’t really mean all that much to marijuana smokers. Cannabis-enthusiasts face another dilemma when travelling: how much should one pay for weed in various North American cities?

Traveling across the border with bud is always a bad idea, but when in a new locale, you run the risk of getting ripped off and paying top dollar for low-quality product. 

Fortunately, there’s a website that can tell you the average price of weed in almost every major North American city. 

Simply titled “Price of Weed,” the website is a crowd-sourced information repository of marijuana prices. Users input how much they paid for their marijuana, making sure to list the quality, too, and the website takes that information to create an average price for a given area or city. 

For example, the website says that in Quebec you can get an ounce of high quality marijuana for a little over $180 dollars. That’s a lot cheaper than what you’d pay in Kentucky, with an ounce of good bud going for over $340. 

Each city/region even gets a score based on law enforcement and social acceptance of marijuana. Here in Montreal, where marijuana is widely accepted, that isn’t the most useful information. 

But when you’re travelling in the U.S. and you need to know whether the cops have it out for marijuana-smokers, knowing beforehand is always a good idea. 

Statistics Canada, the government body in charge of producing relevant statistical information, is even using PriceofWeed.com. In order to figure out how much Canadians are willing to pay for marijuana once the substance is legalized, StatsCan is turning to crowd-sourcing websites like PriceofWeed.com. 

So do your civic duty and input some data into PriceofWeed.com, because you may be making sure Canadians aren’t forced to pay too much for bud after legalization. 

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