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A Map Of Quebec's Best Free Whale Watching Spots

No Boat? No money? No problem!
A Map Of Quebec's Best Free Whale Watching Spots

The summer is coming to an end but before we can welcome the Fall, there's one more season we have to get through. 

Whale watching season. 

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The months of September and October and generally the best months to go whale watching in Quebec, because that's when the giant mammals are most active. 

And if you thought you needed to spend all day on a boat to spot some whales, think again. Quebec has some of the best spots around to see whales directly from the shore. And best of all, it's free!

Plus, whale watching from the shore is actually better for the whales since boating excursion can distract the animals and cause them a lot of stress. 

So if you're ready to plan your excursion, here is a map showing you all the best places where you can spot whales right from the shore.

CLICK HERE for an interactive version. 

For more information and tips on whale watching CLICK HERE

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