The Richest People In Every Province In Canada

Find out who has the biggest net worth.
The Richest People In Every Province In Canada

A little while ago someone on reddit decided to figure out who was the richest person in every US state.

This made us wonder who the hell was the richest person in Quebec was and before we knew it, we were hunting down the richest people in every Canadian province.

We were surprised at what we discovered, because there were a few unlikely candidates that would never even have appeared on a list of the top 100 richest Canadians a few years ago, and yet now they are the richest person in their respective province.

We checked the latest stats on the top richest Canadians, stalked their bios to find out where they were from and voilà.

(Unfortunately we could not figure out who the richest citizens were for the Territories. A search revealed some older outdated results and even those couldn't agree on who exactly was the richest person in either in Nunavut, Yukon or the NWT.) 


The Thomson family

Chairman of Thomson Reuters

Total Net Worth: $36.76 billion


The Saputo Family

Dairy Products

Total Net Worth: $6.43 billion

Nova Scotia

The Sobey Family


Total Net Worth: $3.19 billion

New Brunswick

The Irving Family

Forestry, paper products, agriculture, food processing,transportation and shipbuilding.

Total Net Worth: $7.50 billion


The Richardson Family

Agriculture and food production.

Total Net Worth: $5.63 billion

British Columbia

James Pattison

Media, automotive, packaging, food, entertainment, export and financial industries.

Total Net Worth: $6.89 billion


Garrett Camp


Total Net Worth: $9.18 billion

Newfoundland and Labrador

Danny Williams

CEO for the St. John’s IceCaps and land developer.

Total Net Worth: Unknown

Prince Edward Island

Danny Murphy

Franchise owner.

Total Net Worth: Unknown


The Semple Family

Dealers of heavy industrial and agricultural equipment.

Total Net Worth: Unknown

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