A Map Of What Montreal's STM Metro Network Should Really Look Like

One Montrealer's take on the metro.
A Map Of What Montreal's STM Metro Network Should Really Look Like

Getting around Montreal is pretty easy thanks to the city's metro network. Well, actually, it's only "easy" depending on where you're starting your journey from and where you're headed. Otherwise, the metro system may not be the fastest means of transportation.

This isn't really news to anyone, of course. Montrealers have been pushing for an extension of the STM's metro lines for years (especially the Blue Line) since the existing network doesn't quite meet the needs of all citizens.

With this fact in mind, Montreal redditor mittmi80 decided to create a "fully-fleshed out metro network map," one they believe to be what the metro system should really look like.

Using Google Map Maker, the proposed metro map features 26 new stations, a majority of which are Blue Line extensions. The Green and Orange line are also extended (with the latter conceptualized as a closed-loop line), as is the Yellow Line.

All in all, the map looks to be a functional model of what the Montreal metro network should be, with larger chunks of the city's more densely populated areas interconnected.

But, of course, the map isn't perfect, and since we are in Montreal, there were plenty of people who jumped on criticizing this proposed network.

To be fair, however, many of the critiques made against the map were quite valid, including the fact that there's no metro-extension made to West Island areas, the lack of a need to extend the Green Line, and the superfluous nature of a closed-loop Orange Line.

Still, it's nice to see a Montrealer take some initiative and try to imagine ways in which the city could improve itself. Maybe the map (which you can check out below) will even come to fruition, as we are slated to get some Blue Line metro extensions, after all. Maybe one day the metro map will even look like this.

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