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A Map Showing All The Uninhabited Areas Of Canada

Our country might be a little too big.
A Map Showing All The Uninhabited Areas Of Canada

This morning I came across a pretty cool map on reddit.

The map shows you exactly which areas in Canada are inhabited as well as all of the places where people simply aren't crazy enough to reside. 

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It really puts things into perspective when you look at wherwe the population is concentrated. Canada may be vast, but as you can see from this map, most of our territory is completely desserted. 

But what the rest of the world dosn't know, is that all that empty land is actually known as Canada 2: The Backup Plan (AKA Canada 2: Electic Boogaloo).

And when global warming starts getting unbearable, we're going to be moving the whole country 20 miles up north. 

But don't tell anyone, it's a secret.. SHHHH!

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