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Video Showing Massive Dumptruck Fire That Shut Down Highway 40 In Montreal

It's still unclear how it happened.
Video Showing Massive Dumptruck Fire That Shut Down Highway 40 In Montreal

You know, somedays I wish I had a car. Other days I'm thankful I don't really need a car. 

Then I see news like this and it reaffirms my love for not needing to drive in Montreal. 

For one thing, construction sucks the big one, the other - sometimes crazy stuff just happens. 

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Earlier this morning, someone on their daily commute spotted a spontaneous fire break out on the highway above them. 

The Metropolitan Highway near the Decarie Circle was closed off entirely in both directions, as a crazy fire burst out on a dump truck. 

Here's a video of the blaze above drivers. 

@tristanplanteembedded via  

The accident happened at the end of the ramp that leads from the northbound Decarie to eastbound Metropolitan Highway exits in the early morning's rush hour. 

The fire was put out, and there is no clear cause that started this massive blaze, but traffic was still affected in the area past 11:00 a.m. 

Apparently, there was no accident, nobody was hurt. The dump truck had been carrying dirt and seems to have just burst into flames. Here are some other photos from the scene where you can clearly see the truck is now nothing more than a charred metal body. 

Via Global

The fire had grown so big that the smoke from the flames was visible from quite far away from the scene. 

Via Global

Again, sometimes strange things happen on the road. The other day, a man somehow fell out of his own car and drove over himself! 

I don't know about all of you, but I think I'll stick to my bike and the Montreal metro system. 

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