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A Massive EDM Festival Is Happening In Montreal

Surround yourself with spectacles of light and music.
A Massive EDM Festival Is Happening In Montreal

Montreal has a buzzing cultural scene, especially when it comes to visual art.

Countless festivals and institutions celebrate such arts. The Musée des Beaux Arts and Musée d'Art Contemporain are world-renowned museums. The Mural festival democratizes epic art every year with stunning displays.

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But when it comes to mesmerizing digital art, MUTEK is the place to be.

The festival that celebrates "avant-garde" digitial art returns to the Quartier des Spectacles this August from the 22nd to the 26th.

Some of the displays from previous years are absolutely stunning:

Via MUTEK Nidam & Konig

Via MUTEK Harvey Sutherland

Via MUTEK Ashutoshgupta

This year, the 19th anniversay celebrations include a focus on women in the digital arts and electronic music!

The best part: there are eight music and art events that are completely free to guests! There are also several free conferences for art aficionados.

Otherwise, single night passes are between sixty and seventy dollars, depending on the night, while whole weekend passes go for one hundred fifty dollars.

Over one hundred artists are participating this year, so it's definitely worth checking out. This is your chance to take part in cutting edge visual art innovations.

Check out the festival websitehere for more information and incredible photos! 


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