A Massive Japanese 'Street Food' Festival Is Coming To Montreal

Ramen, Sake, dumplings and more!
A Massive Japanese 'Street Food' Festival Is Coming To Montreal

Last year, I attend the first installment of theJapanese Yatai festival in the Mile-End. It went down in a public park in the Mile-End, not far from Metro Rosemont, and the festival was awesome.  But way more people showed up than anticipated and line-ups for the food we're crazy.

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This year the Yatai Mtl festival is back, but even bigger and better than last year. This time the festival will be taking place over the course of 4-days (from July 19th-22nd) and will be located at Aire Commune and Marche Des Possible.

At the festival, you will be able to find tons of kiosk of delicious home-made Japanese-style street food. Along with music and a general ambiance of fun, you have to check out this festival over the weekend. Here are a few photos of what you can expect.

Via yatai.Montreal

Via yatai.montreal

Via yatai.Montreal

This is already looking super tasty! The best part: entry is totally free. We suggest you get there early because line-ups can start getting long very quickly.

All the info you need:

What: Yatai Mtl Festival
Where: Aire Commune + Marche Des Possible
When: July 19th-22nd 
Price: FREE!

For all the details, check out the official Facebook event HERE!

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