A Massive Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Over Montreal This Summer

Fire in the skies you can see with you eyes.
A Massive Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Over Montreal This Summer

Meteor showers are a spectacular thing to witness.

Unfortunately, if you happen to live in the heart of the city, you probably don't get to see too many celestial events, because of all the light pollution.

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But that won't be the case for the Perseid Meteor Shower.

This meteor shower is known for being the biggest, brightest and most visible shower in the world, and last year was one of the most spectacular ones ever recorded. 

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So what makes this meteor shower so amazing?

Normal showers see about 10 meteors an hour, but the Perseid shower sees 60 to 100 shooting stars per hour. 

Plus, the fireballs burn brighter than some stars, which means they will be visible even from the downtown core, as long as building aren't in your way.

This year, the meteor shower will be visible starting on the night of August 12th at 9:00pm and it will last until Sunday at 6:00am


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The heaviest moments of the usually-spectacular Geminids shower should be overnight from Dec. 13 to 14.

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According to the Montreal Planetarium Astronomical Society, the first event is the Geminid star showers, and the night from Dec. 13 to 14 will be their peak. These meteors come from the asteroid Phaethon and should be visible near the Gemini constellation, near the star Castor.

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A Massive Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Over Montreal This Week

The fireballs can be seen from the downtown core.

Meteor showers are a pretty amazing thing to witness. Unfortunately, when you live in the city, we don't get to see many celestial events because of light pollution.

But that's not the case for the Perseid meteor shower. This one is known for being the biggest and most incredible shower of the year.

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