A Massive Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Over Montreal

And another one coming next week!
A Massive Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Over Montreal

Meteor showers are a pretty amazing thing to see. Unfortunately when you live in a city like Montreal, the night sky is usually too bright for you to see anything. 

But luckily for us there area few meteor showers that create fireballs bright enough for us to see, and tonight is one of them! 

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Last night was the peak of the Lyrid Meteor Shower and according to The Weather Network, "there will be plenty of great viewing opportunities Sunday and Monday to catch a display"

If you find a nice dark spot where the night sky isn't too bright, you'll be able to see 20 meteors per hour, as well as larger bits which are capable of producing fireballs!

But if you want to catch a glimpse of these fireballs you'll either have to stay up late of get up early because the best time to watch will be right before dawn.

And in case you miss it, you'll get another chance next week. The peak of the eta Aquariid Meteor Shower will happen on May 4-5.   


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