Montreal is home to many amazing food festivals.  For example, we have a massive food truck festival that runs all summer long in the Olympic Park of the city. 

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The one thing we don't have, though - is a taco fest. Although Montreal is home to some amazing taco joints, it's about time they all get together and serve up the tacos in one place. Until now.

Taco-lovers rejoice, your dream is now a reality. Montreal is officially hosting a taco fest! So far the information we have is minimal, but we know it's coming.

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Taco Fest and it's sponsors have set up a website page with a "coming soon" notice to let everyone know that all the details and information about the event are soon to be released.  

They've also launched an Instagram page for the festival and have been posting some pretty mouth-watering pics since mid-April. This is getting us very anxious to know when this actual festival is going down.

We're going to keep an eye out on the festival channels and be sure to let our readers know when the festival is actually happening. 

For now, stay tuned to their official website for all the news.