A Massive Treasure Hunt Is Underway Across Canada

Canada has a vast and varied landscape that ranges from the well known rockies, widespread prairies, and the scenic coasts. 

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If you want to get out and see what Canada has to offer, why not also make it fun? That's what Canadian Geographic Travel wants you and your family/friends to do! 

The name of the game is the Great Trail Treasure Hunt, in which you get to explore the longest recreational trail in the world! 

The Great Trail spreads across all types of landscapes, passing everything from urban to remote wilderness. 

The trail is 24,000 km long and this August 26th marked its first anniversary.

To celebrate, some amazing prizes are up for grabs!

How to play:

1. Pick a treasure: found throughout Canada (by province). Check the website for all the treasures listed. 

2. Collect clues: once you've picked your treasure, see what clues have been revealed and keep checking the website and their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date. 

3. Inspect the map: have an idea where the treasure is? Check out the Great Trail map and plan your quest. 

4. Tour the trail: with the help of the map and clues, go out and explore the Great Trail to locate your treasure!

5. Post your treasure: if you're the first person to find the treasure box, you'll locate a prize card inside. Make sure to keep the card and post a pic of you holding it to their Instagram with #greattrailtreasure, or on the Canadian Geographic Travel's Facebook page. You can then redeem the prize by going to the "Redeem page" and enter your prize code. Don't worry if you found the treasure and there's no card – you can still enter to win weekly prizes! Follow the same instructions- and post a photo of you holding the box. 

The grand prize: a free cruise for two along Canada's east coast!

Some lucky winners so far:

@anotherlyleembedded via  

You have from now until November to claim your prize!

Visit their website and get out and play!