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A Massive Underground "Biergarten" Is Opening In Downtown Montreal And This Is What It Will Look Like

If you work in the Montreal's downtown "financial" district around Place Ville Marie, you know that this area is filled with a lot of mediocre business lunch type places.

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I used to work in Place Ville Marie, and I found it difficult to find diversity in food spots, I usually ended up eating at the same food court place every day out of convenience and to avoid the hectic line-ups of the lunch rush in the area.

Well, next spring, a huge modern restaurant will be opening its doors to Montreal and all those downtown workers looking for a new place for lunch.

Le Cathcart Restaurants et Biergarten is a new gastronomic food experience coming to Place Ville Marie in 2019.

The restaurant will seat 1000 people! This is going to quickly become the 5 à 7 spot on the block, I'm sure of that.

It will be designed to feel like you're outside, even while you're dining inside, with with a massive skylight overhead letting in all that natural light. Very sleek and modern! Check out some of these 3D renderings of the interior design by Sid Lee Architecture and A5 Hospitality et Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes.

Via ivanhoecambridge

Via ivanhoecambridge

Via ivanhoecambridge

Via ivanhoecambridge

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