A Massive Wave Of New Construction Is About To Begin In Montreal This Fall

This summer was undoubtedly ruled by construction in the city. You seriously couldn't go anywhere without having to take some sort of detour to reach your destination. Taking the metro has become so much more tedious now that you have to deal with an influx of disgruntled commuters trying to evade constant delays as well as closures due to construction, and don't even get started on trying to drive in the city.

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Luckily, the construction holiday just ended earlier this month and with back-to-school season just around the corner you'd expect that the heavy work in Montreal would finally be coming to a close. Right?

Wrong. It's actually going to get much worse than it is now.

This probably comes as the worst news you could hear right now, but it's the truth. More construction as well as horrific traffic is expected for the city this fall. We can only hope and pray it doesn't get even worse during the winter, because coupled with the already dangerous weather this could become an absolute disaster.

As of now, three new construction sites have been confirmed to begin come the new season. The first being near Robert-Bourassa Blvd. with expected overnight and weekend closures. The next site is Lacordaire Blvd. that will completely shut down the east end of the Metropolitaine for the rest of the year. The third new site is at Viger Square with partial closures on the street that will last three years.

On top of that, there are still the current construction sites that will continue throughout the year. Soon enough you won't even be able to step outside without landing in a construction zone. 

The biggest issue in the city is definitely commuting. With ongoing construction on multiple metro lines as well as the upcoming closure of the Deux-Montagnes line, Montrealers are pretty concerned with how they'll be able to get around. 

It would be nice to offer some good news for the future in terms of construction, but honestly there isn't any. If anything, construction is supposed to become even worse in Montreal by 2020. The biggest construction site will no doubt be the Tunnel La Fontaine, which is expected to leave the city with over two years of road closures.

Let's just hope that the construction slows down a bit by winter, as we seriously do not need the double-whammy of misfortune in Montreal.


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