A Master Pickpocket Thief Is Going Around Montreal Stealing From People

Thousands of dollars of jewelry have already been stolen.
A Master Pickpocket Thief Is Going Around Montreal Stealing From People

Montreal isn't new to weird crimes happening in the city. Just yesterday a man stole a police car for a pretty unusual high speed chase that landed him behind bars. Needless to say, when we here about something weird happening in the city, we often aren't really surprised by it. Montrealers have seen it all.

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Except this. There's a thief in the city that's targeting old people and stealing their valuable possessions. Yes, it's inarguably cruel to steal from the elderly, but sadly nothing too hard to believe. That is until you here how the thief is actually going about stealing from these people.

The criminal is using a distraction tactic to get away with stealing valuables. One woman, age 88, was having a calm afternoon in her backyard in Montreal's East End when an unknown woman drove down her back alley. The woman unexpectedly ran up to the elderly woman and proceeded to hug her, making the senior citizen incredibly uncomfortable and a bit frightened. 

It was only after the stranger left that the elderly woman realized her necklace had been stolen. The necklace was a gift from the woman's late husband, so it's heartbreaking to hear someone would even think of stealing something that has so much sentimental value.

As if it could not get any worse, this isn't an isolated case. A woman is actually going around and hugging old people so that she can steal from them!

Just last month as another elderly woman was on her way to church, the thief came up to her and wrapped her in an unwanted embrace. In the process of the forced hug, the thief was able to steal earrings, a necklace and three rings. 

It's assumed the thief is targeting old people, particularly women, as they know they won't be able to defend themselves. 

With the thief still on the loose in the city, the SPVM advise people to be more vigilant. If you have a grandmother, you may want to start accompanying her on all of her outings for the next little while.


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