A Mobile App That Helps You Find The Best Weed, No Joke

Quite possibly the most helpful app of all time.
A Mobile App That Helps You Find The Best Weed, No Joke

Master Kush, Chem Diesel, Northern Lights. To a non-toker these all sound like Pokemon moves or car names. Hell, even if you are a pothead, the many magical strains of weed are mythical green buds you only see on TV or randomly said by your dealer.

So how do you become a weed connoisseur? How do you learn the taste, smell, effects, and what food to pair with the hundreds of weed strains? Well, you could just get super-stoned and have a week-long Netflix sesh.

Or, you can download Leafly, an app all about cannabis.

The world’s largest cannabis information resource, Leafly works a lot like Yelp, Urbanspoon, or any restaurant review app/site, except with weed.

A Seattle startup, Leafly has all of the different kinds of cannabis are listed, with user reviews, the latest in smoking culture, and even maps directing you to the nearest dispensary where you can find the strain of your choice.

Out here in Montreal we don't have fully legal dispensaries, and you won't be able to find a dealer listed on Leafly with your favourite kind of bud.  The app does still give you everything you need to know.

That way, the next time you pick up, and your dealer asks:

"Bubba Kush or White Widow" You can make an informed choice and look like a baller.

See more at Leafly's official website, and you can download the app on the Apple app store or on Google Play