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A Montreal Ambulance Was Stolen And Taken For A Joyride By A Patient

They definitely were in a hurry to get somewhere.
A Montreal Ambulance Was Stolen And Taken For A Joyride By A Patient

With the Montreal construction holiday in full swing vehicles, especially those in the downtown core, are having a bit of a harder time getting around. Traffic is slowed, cars are sometimes at a full-stop in the middle of the road, you just don't want to be driving if you have to get somewhere ASAP.

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Unfortunately, in these situations emergency vehicles are getting the short end of the stick as well. I definitely wouldn't want to be needing an ambulance with the type of traffic we're seeing downtown. But you really don't get to choose when you'll be needing a trip to the hospital.

This might be why this morning in Montreal, a woman who was being transported to a hospital ACTUALLY hopped in the front seat of the ambulance she was in and made a run for it - leaving the EMTs behind. 

When the woman was first taken into care after appearing heavily intoxicated, she continuosly fought the first responders who were trying to escort her into the back of the ambulance. While en route she became much more aggressive, causing the EMT who was driving to pull over and assist their partner who was trying to fight off the woman's attacks.

This is when she made her move and actually broke out of the stretcher, hopping into the front seat. If you're wondering why the EMTs didn't stop her, it's actually protocol for them to back off in the presence of a disturbed person.

So, the patient hit the gas and probably assumed her troubles were over. Far from it really.

She actually drove almost 2 kilometres (let's not forget she's also super intoxicated at this point) before police were able to intercept and arrest her in NDG. Although the patient did hit several vehicles while trying to get away, luckily no one was reported as injured. 

Authorities say that maybe next time the EMT driving should remove the keys from the engine before leaving the ambulance. I mean, that probably would have avoided a lot of trouble.


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