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A Montreal App That Helps You Locate All The City's Independent Coffee Shops

Adbeus' app will keep you consistently caffeinated.
A Montreal App That Helps You Locate All The City's Independent Coffee Shops

Photo cred - Sameer Vasta

To become a person in the morning, to get you through the afternoon, and to stay alive during an all-nighter, coffee is the go-to solution. When you need a coffee/fiend some caffeine, few forces in the universe will stop the craving. Thank the gods for Abdeus' new smartphone app that finds a Montreal cafe closest to your exact location.

You may remember Abdeus' coffee-photography, but they've since fused their love of finding good coffee with a smartphone app. With a press of a button, Abdeus' app will locate the nearest independent cafe to your location, with directions, coffee and brewing information of the venue, and if WiFi is available.

While there's already a map of Montreal's many cafes, the Adbeus app takes coffee convenience even further by being available on your phone, anytime. The city's best lattes, student/study cafes, and soon cat cafes will only be a button away.

Third-wave and independent cafes are Adbeus' focus, so don't expect Starbucks and Tim Hortons to pop up on your cellphone, which is a good thing, because Montreal needs to calm down with all the Starbucks popping up.  Pair Adbeus' app with Montreal's Indie Coffee Passport (free coffee!) and become a true coffee connoisseur this summer.

Download the Adbeus coffee finding app for iPhones and Androids right here.

Where will you be getting your coffee?

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