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A Montreal Passport To Get Free Coffee From The City's Independent Coffee Shops All Summer Long

Free coffee is the best kind of coffee.
A Montreal Passport To Get Free Coffee From The City's Independent Coffee Shops All Summer Long

Summer coffee season in Montreal has already begun, and if you want to reap all the caffeinated benefits, you'll need to get an Indie Coffee Passport. Your pass to get free drinks at Montreal's many different independently-owned cafes and coffee joints, the Indie Coffee Passport (ICP) is a must-have for the summer.

Priced at $25, the ICP gives you privileged beverage access to all 26 participating cafes. Much-loved spots like Kitsuné, Chez Boris, Cagibi, and Dispatch are on the list, as are many other renowned coffee spots. See a full list and a map here.

Once you get to a cafe, all you have to do is flash your ICP like a baller and you'll be given a free drink, out of a choice of 5. Each cafe will be offering different beverages to ICP holders (both hot and cold) and you can see all drink lists here.

After you grab your drink you're passport will be stamped and you can then begin your journey to your next coffee destination. The season started May 1st and runs until November 30th, so feel free to take your time filling out your passport. No one needs a caffeine OD on their hands.

Considering the ICP is only $25 (+tax) and most of the offered beverages would normally be around $3-$5, you're actually saving quite a bit of dough if you make it out to all 26 cafes. Besides, its a reason to expand your coffee horizons beyond Tim Hortons and Starbucks, while also helping out local businesses.

Buy your Indie Coffee Passporthere and find out more info here.

Where will you be getting your coffee?

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