A Montreal Beach Just Banned All Dogs After A Pit Bull Attacked A Swimmer

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A Montreal Beach Just Banned All Dogs After A Pit Bull Attacked A Swimmer

Pit bulls have never had the best reputation in Montreal, or really in any other city. Especially over the last couple years there's been a lot of back and forth on whether or not a pit bull ban will be enforced in the city. After Valerie Plante was elected mayor, dog owners thought the fight was over as the pit bull ban was revoked. But, for the last few months Bill 128 has still been in talks, and it doesn't look good for the dogs. 

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Despite the bad rep, there are still a few places in and around Montreal that allow dogs on sight. One of those being Hudson's Sandy Beach right outside of the city. Well, they did allow dogs, up until yesterday.

The area has always been a super popular spot for locals as well as tourists and out of town visitors. Since it was one of the only beaches in Quebec to be dog friendly, at times it looked more like a dog park than a place you'd actually want to sun tan and swim.

Dog owners are now out of luck though as the beach is now officially off limits to all dogs. It's because of a totally random pit bull attacked that sparked a lot of fear within beach-goers and even caused injury. Here's what happened.

Via The Journal - YLJ

A resident of the beach community was swimming pretty far from the shore, which was ironically in hopes to avoid all of the dogs on the beach. A pit bull who was on leash next to their owner saw the man and immediately lunged at him, breaking away from their leash and charging into the water aggressively. The dog latched onto the man's arm and actually didn't let go until a big fight on the man's part was put up. Apparently, the owner didn't seem too concerned with the attack and instead explained they were still learning how to handle the dog.

Luckily, the unfortunate swimmer was left only with a nasty wound and some antibiotics, but the beach is not taking anymore chances with any type of dogs. The biggest concern according to the man that was attacked was that if it had been a child, or even a elderly person, there's no chance they would've been able to fight the pit bull off.

The Mayor of Hudson is even going as far as to consider banning dogs in other areas of the town as well, such as the Hudson/Oka ferry. The beach officially has new signs as of yesterday evening that clearly state dogs must stay off the beach at all times, so dog owners are pretty out of luck now unless they choose to leave Fido at home during their next outing. 

Keep your dog on a leash, Montreal.


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