A Montreal House On Monkland Street That Is So Elite

They do things a bit differently in NDG.
A Montreal House On Monkland Street That Is So Elite

Photo cred - Affleck de la Riva

Everyone knows NDG is a fairly residential Montreal neighborhood, filled with family homes, most of which have the same feel and vibe to them. Montreal architectural firm Affleck de la Riva decided to switch things up a bit when they built their Monkland Residence in NDG, using the same residential style in a very different way.

The rectangular structure of the Monkland Residence is quite akin to other homes on the street, though instead of being one gigantic Lego block-shaped structure, the house is actually made of two seperate pieces. One rectangular box makes up the front entrance, with the other functioning as the main living space, both outfitted with large windows and entrances at the front and back to create a sense of constancy from outside to inside.

A welcoming and warm atmosphere is created within the Monkland Residence thanks to the large windows on each end of the house (tinted on the outside to maintain privacy) and a skylight in the middle, ensuring that the vertical and horizontal spaces are brightened with plenty of natural light. Bright, warm, with a natural flow, the Monkland Residence is a beautiful family home.

Take a look inside the Monkland Residence through the photos below.

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