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A Montreal-Made App Lets You Go To Any Gym Without A Membership

Get fit, no strings attached.
A Montreal-Made App Lets You Go To Any Gym Without A Membership

Sticking to your New Year's Resolution of "go to the gym" isn't the easiest goal. But it's not your fault, though, right? It's these awful gyms that you get bored of incredibly quickly, yet still need to pay the entire year for, because somehow you got talked into a 12-month contract. Honestly, it happens to all of us, but this year, stick to your fitness commitment with Gymbirds, a new Montreal-made app that lets you get healthy with no strings attached.

At it's core, Gymbirds is a smartphone app that lets you attend discounted fitness classes (yoga, spinning, kickboxing, zumba, etc) without needing to be a member at a gym/club. A quick dose of physical activity is always a click away, as in the span of 2 seconds you can go to any sort of gym class at a huge number of Montreal gyms.

The best part about going to a variety of gyms is variety in your workout, but more than just offering a change of scenery, Gymbirds lets you change up your workout whenever you like. Did cardio yesterday? Get in on some weightlifting in the Plateau today, then some yoga tomorrow, just flash the app when entering and you're set. For folks who quickly get bored of the same old gym routine, this will seriously change up your gym-game, and really help in sticking to your fitness goals.

Convenience is key to Gymbirds, as the app will actually factor in your location when finding a gym. Being corralled into a single location is never convenient, especially when you're always on the go, so Gymbirds gives you the freedom to go to a gym in any area of Montreal (check out a map here).  You don't even have to worry about payment, as all bills are taken care of electronically as soon as you sign up. Most of the time you even get a discounted price, so double-win.

Making things even easier is the app's new "class search" engine, which is seriously handy. Easy-as-Google, just type in what kind of class you want, and you'll instantly see what gyms all over Montreal offer the class and at what time. Even better, you can get free referral passes for your friends, so you don't need to try out the new class alone. Crossfit can be scary going solo, so use the app to spread the fitness around.

Switching up your workout is key for fitness freaks, but us normal folks will still benefit, because choosing a single class without a membership lets you get fit at your schedule, and with friends, thanks to the referral feature. Going from no gym-time to everyday is an extreme change that just spells failure, so start things slow. Do a couple of classes a week at first, then escalate as time goes on, which is actually an option with Gymbirds, unlike most gyms that demand a membership.

Get all the info on participating gyms, rates, and download the app (do it this month and get $10 off your first class!) by heading to the official website and Facebook page here.

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