A Montreal Made App That Helps You Find The Best Exit At Each STM Metro Station

Photo cred - Cedric Sam

Traversing the many mazes of the Montreal metro network is a task easier said than done. Oh, you may scoff at the folks who don't know which path leads out of Place-des-Arts the fastest, as you exit the station on the daily, but how would you fare in less-frequented stations like Jean-Talon, Square-Victoria, or Côte-Vertu, where the mass amount of exits and bus routes makes the right route ever-elusive? Fortunately the answer is always a tap away with Metroexit.

A smartphone app designed to get you out of the metro in the easiest manner, Metroexit instantly lets you know where the metro station's exit is, also providing info on nearby streets, bus routes, elevators, and other metros, so you may map out your own personal route.

Incredibly user-friendly, Metroexit prides itself on simplicity, using less space than similiar apps and always giving you info with a max of three finger taps. Metroexit will also give you an ETA to destinations, let you know if a station is closing, and if the whole line is down. All features (save the last) can function without a network connection, which is pretty key when underground.

Breeze through the metro-maze with Metroexit, available for IOS and Androids now.

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