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A Montreal Made App That Warns People About Traffic On The City's Main Bridges

Know where the traffic jams are ahead of time.
A Montreal Made App That Warns People About Traffic On The City's Main Bridges

Montreal is the most congested/traffic heavy city in Canada, with some Montrealers wasting an entire work week every year simply sitting in cars during traffic jams. Don't let Montreal's car-problems get you down and download Traffic Montreal on your smartphone, an app that does exactly what you'd think.

Focusing on the many bridges of Montreal (Champlain, Victoria, Mercier, etc.) Traffic Montreal gives you a real-time heads up on the status of traffic at these types of locations, making sure you don't drive head-on into a grim gridlock.

Crucial for those who live off the island, Traffic Montreal will save you tons of time on your morning/afternoon commute, as it actively evaluates the city's bridge-traffic status. Unfortunately, the app doesn't extend to the streets of Montreal, so you may want to download something like Montreal CityMinute for in-the-city driving.

Free to download, Traffic Montreal has gotten at least two stellar reviews by users, both citing the app as an incredible time-saver and crucial when crossing a bridge in the city. Available for iPhone and Androids, head to the official website to download either version.

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